Unleash the Hidden Healing Power of the Breath To Bring Trauma Relief in Response to Systemic Racism

SKY Breathing Meditation utilizes specific rhythms of the breath to quickly and easily eliminate stress, revitalize the nervous system, and bring greater clarity and focus to the mind.  It does this by taking advantage of the natural connection that already exists between the body, the breath and the mind.

Every emotion has a corresponding pattern of breathing.  As an example, the rhythm of the breath increases automatically as the body tries to deal with any stressful situation.  Similarly, our breathing patterns automatically change whenever we feel sadness or depression, anger or fear.  The same holds true for positive emotions as well.

SKY (Sudarshan Kriya® Yoga), is part of an ancient science of practices for maintaining ideal health and expanding awareness. It brings the rhythms of the body, mind, and emotions into harmony with the innermost self and helps you live from that state throughout the day.



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