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Health, Happiness & Well-Being A disease-free body and a stress-free mind are the birthrights of every human being, yet we have not been taught how to achieve this state of balance.

WOW, in partnership with the International Association for Human Values, offers simple, yet powerful and effective breathing techniques that help alleviate physical and emotional stress, meditation techniques that improve clarity of thought and productivity, and practical recommendations for living a balanced life.
Unleashing the Hidden Healing Power of the Breath
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Personal Mastery & Mindfulness SKY Breathing Meditation works in a unique way. It utilizes the innate ability of the breath to trigger an automatic quieting of the mind. It is easy to practice, and is effective even when the mind is restless or caught up in emotions.

SKY (Sudarshan Kriya® Yoga), is part of an ancient science of practices for maintaining ideal health and expanding awareness. It brings the rhythms of the body, mind, and emotions into harmony with the innermost self and helps you live from that state throughout the day.
Experience the wonder within each moment.
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Healthy Lifestyle Practical recommendations for healthier living. The quality of our lives depends on four basic sources of energy: food, sleep, breath and a calm mind.

The SKY Breathing Meditation course explores each of these areas, offering practical insights and effective techniques for living life to the fullest.
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Emotional Strength & Resiliency While traditional definitions of Post-Traumatic Stress Injury (PTS) have focused primarily on direct experiences of perceived life-threatening events, recent studies show that secondary experiences such as losing a loved-one to violence, witnessing a violent act or long-term exposure to a stressful environment can also produce PTS or PTS-like symptoms.

SKY Breathing Meditation has been shown to reduce depression, anxiety, PTSD, stress and addictive behaviors while significantly increasing feelings of well-being, optimism and positivity. By eliminating the effects of stress from the system, one enjoys greater happiness, better health and peace of mind.
Effective techniques for dealing with trauma
and historical & generational stress.
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Youth Leadership Training Courses designed for youth are offered through partnerships with youth-oriented community groups and organizations. Youth learn practical tools to develop self-mastery, and the commitment to serve and take responsibility for the welfare of their communities.

Program graduates gain a broader vision of themselves, which can lead to their becoming true peace builders and leaders who can then foster positive change and create sustainable peace within the global family.
Enabling youth leaders to better support their communities.
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Trauma Relief for Veterans Project Welcome Home Troops aims to address the intense distress some returning veterans experience after having been repeatedly exposed to traumatic events and life-threatening situations on deployments to combat zones. The Power Breath Meditation Workshop is designed specifically for veterans to help them regain a sense of self-mastery and control over their lives. Rather than depending on a drug or therapist, the workshop enables them to self-administer the techniques.

For the families of returning war veterans, who are also affected by the challenges of managing the ongoing stress and emotions associated with PTS , the SKY Breathing Meditation Course can greatly enhance the overall healing process, and help to provide a lasting foundation for restoring a sense of cohesiveness and stability to the family as a whole.
Resilience Training for Optimum Performance
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