Community Building

Today there is a great need for all of us to move from limited identifications of nationality, race, religion and culture to a broader understanding of the underlying unity of human life, which can help to bring about a more peaceful world by bringing inner peace to individuals in society.

Our vision is to transform the emerging global culture of violence into a culture of peace by bringing inner peace to each member of society. In a culture of peace, individuals co-exist harmoniously, conflicts are resolved peacefully, and each member of society strives to sustain a peaceful environment in which individuals can live life to its fullest potential.

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Youth Empowerment

We seek to partner with youth-oriented community groups and organizations to identify local youth leaders, give them practical tools to develop self-mastery, and provide them with opportunities to serve and take responsibility for the welfare of their community. Our program graduates become true peace builders and leaders who foster positive change and create sustainable peace in the community.

After graduation, ongoing follow-up sessions bring the community together to share ideas for collective improvement. We then provide additional training that enables these new youth leaders to administer the program themselves and to serve by taking responsibility for their collective welfare.

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Personal Health & Well-Being

Friendliness, compassion, love and caring – these human values are within each of us, yet most of the time they are hidden by a veil of stress. A disease-free body and a stress-free mind are the birthrights of every human being, yet we have never been taught how to achieve this state of balance.

In order to create a culture of peace within our communities, we must first cultivate a deep sense of well-being and inner peace within each individual. Working in partnership with the International Association for Human Values, we offer simple breathing techniques that help alleviate physical and emotional stress, meditation techniques that improve clarity of thought and productivity, and practical recommendations for living a balanced life.

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Trauma & Stress Relief

While traditional definitions of Post-Traumatic Stress Injury (PTS) have focused primarily on direct experiences of perceived life-threatening events, recent studies show that secondary experiences such as losing a loved-one to violence, witnessing a violent act or long-term exposure to a stressful environment can also produce PTS or PTS-like symptoms.

We offer practical and effective techniques that are shown to reduce depression, anxiety, PTSD, stress and addictive behaviors while significantly increasing feelings of well-being, optimism and positivity. By eliminating the effects of stress from the system, one enjoys greater happiness, better health and peace of mind.

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